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Hotel PR is a specialist public relations consultancy for hotels, guest houses, serviced apartments and restaurants.

Established in 2001, it currently has clients from Inverness to the Cotswolds and is trusted by many leading hotels, serviced apartments and restaurants.

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Scott's Blog

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been speaking to the owner or manager of a hotel or restaurant about promoting their establishment and received the response.

“Oh, but I’m not interested in advertising.”

It continues to amaze me how many clever people in the hospitality business don’t know the difference between advertising and PR.

Advertising is paid-for; PR is often free - once you’ve agreed to pay a reputable public relations company to work on your behalf.

Advertising generally provokes scepticism on the part of the reader, listener or viewer, and can lack credibility because potential customers know it’s paid-for; a published press release or journalist’s review is far more likely to be believed and therefore lead to more business.

On another subject, I’ve been having lively debates with some of our clients about tourism taxes in the wake of Edinburgh Council’s proposal for a 2 per cent or £2 per room per night charge on all forms of accommodation.

Our Edinburgh clients tend to be against it. Me, on balance I’m in favour provided the money is indeed spent on improving the tourism infrastructure and not frittered away elsewhere. I’ve lived and worked in countries where such a tax is commonplace and used for the benefit of the hospitality business. If we’re serious about tourism in Scotland we need to invest more in it.