Each hotel, guest house, serviced apartment and restaurant is different so we work with the owner and/or management to establish priorities and objectives for a customised Action Plan within their budget.

  • Achieve superlative coverage in target media – online as well in print. This is achieved through persuading journalists to visit for the purpose of review, press releases, selling in stories to media contacts and running competitions. A key aim is to obtain high quality databases for clients’ marketing mailshots.
  • Cultivate relationships with Social Media influencers and bloggers
  • Handle your launch or re-launch
  • Develop beneficial relationships with third parties
  • Get professional advice on media crisis management. Fire? Sudden death? Food poisoning allegations? Poor hygiene report? Staff scandal? Our experts will handle your press relations, minimise fallout and may even be able to turn the situation to your advantage.
  • Get expert help with creating and promoting short breaks packages and events
  • Developing relations with local communities
  • Improve your Website, photo archives and Social Media
  • Get professional help with newsletters.
  • Maximise ratings in travel and eating out guides
  • Get inside advice on awards. If necessary we’ll draft your entry
  • Receive expert advice on advertising so you get the best value for money

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